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Witnessing Change Video Competition

The Witnessing Change Video Competition is an educational and documentary effort done by the Climate Cost Project. The competition asks students to make 2-minute documentaries about the climate change impacts in their communities. Our purpose is to have the students' work inform the public about the climate impacts that are happening in America now, and to help build diverse voices within the country talking about their own personal experiences of climate change. We do not believe that this has been done before, but think that it is critical for building public understanding and empowering individual communities to tell their own stories.

This is the first year of the national competition, and we are hoping to have as many submissions from talented students as possible. There is no fee for entry and winners will receive cash prizes of $500 and $250 dollars respectively. We will also publicize the videos both directly through the Climate Cost Project, and through our partner organizations. We are also working to get the videos shown at local film festivals and theaters around the country. The deadline for the competition is May 1st.

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The Climate Cost Project is a non-profit organization fiscally sponsored by the Open Space Institute funded with support from the Alex C. Walker and Kettering Family Foundations. For questions please contact