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Student Organizations

The key to being successful is getting involved with Registered Student Organizations as early as possible. Join organizations related to your major and you will network with professors and other students. Below are a few ways to get involved with organizations related to the Agricultural Communications major. 


Agricultural Communicators of Tomorrow (ACT)

This is the flagship student organization of the major. Illini Agricultural Communicators of Tomorrow is an organization for students who have a professional interest in communications related to agriculture.  Membership in the organization is not limited to students with majors in agricultural communications.  Any student who is interested in some form of professional communication related to agriculture can join.

Illini ACT members participate in monthly meetings, regularly meet with Ag Comm alumni, attend professional development conferences, plan and participate in social gatherings, and submit works to the National ACT critique and contest.

Additionally, students involved with ACT gain insight into Ag Comm courses, internships, and careers related to communications by stimulating interaction among students, faculty members and professionals. Contact advisor Jennifer Shike or view the Illini ACT wordpress or facebook for more information.

American Advertising Federation (AAF)

The American Advertising Federation is a professional business organization that brings together students and professionals to create a unifying voice in the industry. Headquartered in Washington, D.C., AAF consists of a nationwide network of advertisers, agencies, media companies, local clubs and student groups. As a chapter of the American Advertising Federation, AAF Illinois seeks to bring students together to network with each other as well as with professionals in the advertising, media and marketing fields. Through presentations, social events, philanthropic events and participation in the National Student Advertising Competition (NSAC), students in AAF gain skills that supplement their education and can ultimately help them find jobs after graduation. The organization accepts new members at the beginning of each semester (excluding summer). For more information, visit AAF's website or e-mail the Illinois AAF chapter.

JAMS logo
JAMS: Journalism, Advertising, and Media Studies Students

J.A.M.S. is a Registered Student Organization meant to unite students across majors in the College of Media. Students of all years and majors – even those outside the College of Media – are welcome to join J.A.M.S. to gain more knowledge about the college, work on a variety of different media projects, form new friendships with a diverse group of students, and enrich leadership skills.

J.A.M.S. stands for Journalism, Advertising, and Media Students. We focus on creating projects for each major in the college to get involved outside of the classroom, to have fun, and get real world experience. Our biggest project is working with local cable station UI-7 to produce our own student-run show every two weeks.

We hold monthly meetings, bring in guest speakers, and have lots of social events to make the College of Media even smaller by getting to know our fellow students better. Anyone can join at any time. Find out more information on J.A.M.S.' facebook.



NAMA logo

National Agri-Marketing Association (NAMA)

Students involved with the National Agri- Marketing Association learn from professionals in marketing, advertising, communications, promotion, sales, public relations, etc., the various career opportunities available in agri-marketing.  Students involved with NAMA develop valuable personal contacts and working relations between the students and agri- marketing professionals.  These contacts provide access to internships, co-op programs, job interviews, referrals, business recommendations and career opportunities.

NAMA provides meaningful opportunities for students to practice their managerial skills (planning, organizing, directing, coordinating and controlling) and demonstrate their leadership abilities. The organization has regular professional chapter meetings, seminars and social events. These meetings provide students the opportunity to become highly visible as prospects for employment after graduation

Members have the opportunity to attend the annual Agri-Marketing Conference, and participate in activities including, TEAM NAMA, the National Marketing Competition, John Deere Signature Awards, Outstanding Student Chapter Competition and ABEF Scholarship Awards. Attending the conference provides students with an opportunity to establish personal contacts with marketing professionals throughout the United States and Canada. These contacts are valuable sources for career opportunities.  These experiences assist students in making the transition from being a student to becoming a business professional. Visit NAMA's facebook for more information or contact advisor Theresa Miller.

Illini PRA logo
Illinois Public Relations Association

The Illini Public Relations Association is a student-run, non-profit organization that is dedicated to bringing public relations to the Champaign-Urbana campus. Illini PRA is the very first PR organization to hit the Illinois campus. We are a 100+ student organization sponsored by the Registered Student Organization at Illinois. Our goal for our organization is to introduce our members to the field of public relations, facilitate their career development and teach our members more about the field through professional speakers, career workshops, case study discussions, technology training and community projects. Meetings are typically held on Tuesdays or Wednesdays, for more information, e-mail or visit Illini PRA's website.

Other Organizations

College Mentoring

Illini Agricultural Communicators of Tomorrow offers informal mentoring between students. A formal mentor can be established at the request of the student. ACT members help each other find and get internships, choose classes, and get aquainted to University life. Contact an ACT member for more information.

Alumni Mentorship and Job Shadow Program

The Agricultural Communications Leadership Council offers student-alumni mentorship opportunities. This mentor program is designed to connect Ag Comm students with an industry professional for advice on career planning. Opportunities to job shadow may be available through the mentor as well. Contact current Leadership Council President Ken Rinkenberger for more information.