Agricultural Communications

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Student Life

Agricultural Communication provides students with opportunities to get involved through activities including study abroad, community outreach, and our many student organizations. Getting involved in the many facets of our student life is a great way to make a campus of 40,000 students seem a lot smaller.

“We’re like a family because we’re so small. We all know each other.” - Taylor Hardy, Class of 2017

Taylor Hardy wins WCFA scholarship.

“When I came to U of I, I was terrified. I didn’t know how I would make friends, learn, or stand out on a campus of 40,000, but the agricultural communications department and student organizations made me feel included and gave me the confidence I needed. By the end of my first semester here, I was already serving as an officer for ACT and had made new life-long friends.” - Caitlin McClure, Class of 2017

“I chose Agricultural Communications because it combined two of my passions; agriculture and working with people to form a better understanding of the greatest industry this country has. Naturally once I figured out that there was a major combining these two things, it was no question as to where I wanted to go. I grew up 20 miles from campus and have been in love with it since I was a little girl. It's truly my own backyard and the heart of agriculture. Agricultural Communications at the University of Illinois really presents you with endless opportunities to get involved with student organizations, professionals in the industry, and personal and professional development. "Once an Illini, always an Illini" holds true throughout your time at U of I and through the rest of your life's endeavors and I'm proud to say I've found my home and my passion in the University of Illinois Agricultural Communications Department.” - Regan Emkes, Class of 2015

"A home away from home is the best feeling when being one of 40,000+ students at the University of Illinois. In the College of ACES, and even more in the Agricultural Communications program, a family of peers, professors and professionals are always there to support us through academics, research, extracurricular opportunities and much more. The AGCM department is especially dear to my heart because of the relationships we have all built around one another." - Kendall Herren, Class of 2016


Ag Comm Students at the 2013 Media Career Fair. 

Ag communications students with department head Lulu Rodriguez at the 2013 Media Open House.