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Senior Spotlight

In the agricultural communications department, we are proud to boast our 95% job placement rate as of 2012. The other 5% of all 2012 agricultural communications graduates are currently pursuing higher education. Here you will find a showcase of some of our current seniors as they are accepting job offers.


Jesse interviewing Wisconsin governor.Jesse Nosbaum (Harding), Class of 2014

Job Position: Assistant Farm Broadcaster, Wisconsin Farm Report With Pam Jahnke

Offer Accepted: March 2014

Job Description:  Jesse has the capability to record and produce all audio files aired. She works hand in hand with Pam Jahnke to produce early morning, mid-day, and closing market reports and ag news as well as a live morning show. They also take turns working in and out of the studio covering a multitude of Wisconsin agricultural events. The Farm Report gets aired across 3 stations in Madison and 12 stations across the state of Wisconsin. Nosbaum uses the on-air name, Harding; you may like her fanpage on Facebook here

How did Illinois help you prepare for your future? There was never a question for me as to what I wanted to major in; it has always been ag comm. However, U of I helped me decide which specialization I wanted to go into. I was in advertising and realized that wasn't what I wanted to do at all, but I needed to take those classes to help me decide that. I knew then that broadcast was definitely the right path for me. It also helped me put myself out there a lot by encouraging me to network and talk to people which is a huge part of broadcasting.I might not want to be in advertising, but I do record commercials and work with our writers. I also write written articles based off my broadcast stories to be published on our website. My classes and education at Illinois helps aid in these areas.

What was your favorite class at U of I? My favorite class was Leadership in Groups and Teams with Dr. Dave Rousch. I highly encourage anyone who has the opportunity to take this class!Jesse with country music singers Maddie and Tae

What is your favorite part of your new job? I don't have a 9 - 5 job. If I'm doing the morning show, I'm in the studio anywhere from 3 - 3:30 a.m. If Pam is gone, I go home and sleep for a couple hours then come back to do mid-day markets and will be in the studio till 5 -6 p.m. I easily put in 11 hour days. But there is nothing else I would rather be doing. I meet the most amazing people everyday and learn about all aspects of agriculture. I learn something new everyday. There is so much more than corn and beans. Wisconsin is the largest producer of cranberries, dairy goat milk and products, and ginseng. We also grow potatoes, tobacco, assortments of veggies and grains. Oh yea, and of course dairy milk and cheese.

Why Illinois? Illinois is the best; to me, it's as simple as that. We're a smaller major so everyone gets to know each other and we receive a lot of individual attention. We get the best of both worlds by being a dual college program and we have an awesome and dedicated alumni and faculty. The newly revamped program provides us with pertinent information to real life. 


Ellen Reeder, Class of 2014

Job Position: John Deere, Construction and Forestry Marketing Representative

Offer Accepted: October 9, 2013

Job Description: During my first year, I'll complete three four-month rotations where I will learn about different parts of the construction and forestry department. I'll begin in the marketing communications area, and the other rotations could include tactical marketing, training, dealer relations, or other various areas. After I complete my first year, I will be placed into an 18-month assignment for John Deere.

How did Illinois help you secure your job? Illinois helped me to secure this job through the College of ACES Career Fair. I interviewed with John Deere during my freshman year and completed three internships with the company. The reputation that Illinois gives its students is second to none.

How did Illinois help you prepare for your job? Illinois helped to prepare me for my career by providing hands-on and practical learning. I had opportunities to learn in and outside of the classroom with experiential learning. The courses that I enjoyed most were very project oriented. I feel that these kind of courses helped to prepare me for internships because many of the projects I experienced were similar.

What was your favorite class as an agricultural communications major? My favorite class was AGCM 398. It was a course that Dr. Abrams taught about professionalism, portfolios, and networking.

Why Illinois? The agricultural communications program at Illinois offers the unique opportunity to take courses in the College of ACES and the College of Media. The faculty and staff provide students with opportunities to get involved, be successful, and achieve their goals.