Agricultural Communications

College of ACES & College of Media


The Ag Comm classes teach all students the nuances of communicating agricultural, food, and environmental topics. They also broaden majors' skillset outside of their College of Media track (journalism, advertising). Be sure to check out our gallery for examples of student work. 

AGCM 110 – Introduction to Agricultural and Environmental Communications
Understanding the evolution of food, fiber, energy, natural resources, and environmental issues is an important foundation for professional communicators. This course explores channels, methods, challenges, and opportunities for improving communication within agriculture and across lay audiences around the world.

AGCM 199 - Visual Principles for Agricultural Communications

AGCM 199 – Ag and Environmental Photography
This course introduces the fundamentals of photography focusing on its application in communicating topics concerning agriculture, food, energy, the environment and community development. The emphasis for this skills-based course will be to prepare agricultural and environmental communications to create a high-quality, visual component for use in corporate, community and educational communication.

AGCM 220 – Communicating about Ag and the Environment
This course develops the skills necessary to communicate complex information effectively to multiple audiences. Students will explore communications theory and develop a framework for critically evaluating information sources. The course emphasizes essential communication skills, including writing, conducting interviews, and communications planning.

AGCM 270 – Sales and Persuasive Communications
This course studies traditional sales concepts and persuasive business communication techniques. Students learn the role, dynamics, and principles of sales communications as related to food and agricultural systems. Special emphasis on sales objectives, market segmentation, prospecting, handling objections, relationship building, and the nuances of sales communications.

AGCM 315 – Emerging Media
Investigation of emerging communication tools and norms with a focus on the theories and media models that support current media trends. Students learn basic skills and best practices in new media management and monitoring. This course is taught through the lens of public relations, communications, and information diffusion.

AGCM 320 – Educational Campaign Planning
This course features a coordinated approach to planning and executing information campaigns using a variety of communications media. Students contact and work with an agency interested in running a communications campaign to plan an information strategy related to the campaign topic.

AGCM 330 – Environmental Communications
Students learn the basics of communicating about environmental issues to various audiences, with special emphasis on lay audiences. This course explores the influence of rhetorical devices, imagery, information frames, and political influence on how public discourse on pressing environmental issues is shaped.

AGCM 430 – Communications in Environmental Social Movements
Examines the interests, values systems, and communications strategies of key participants in the environmental movement. Students examine environmental issues and predict possible reactions from key participants in the environmental arena.