Agricultural Communications

College of ACES & College of Media

Course Planning

These four year programs of study are for students who are College of Media managed and hold registration with the College of Media. Students who enter Fall 2012 and later are under this category. If you are a student managed by the College of ACES please contact your advisor for suggested programs of study.


Students learn the elements of advertising agency creative and account responsibilities, and gain understanding of the relationship between consumers, consumption and consumer-orientated messages. Students pursue careers in advertising, marketing and public relations related to the agricultural, consumer and enivronmental fields.


Meet the demands of a multimedia environment by putting into action the science and art of good writing, reporting and editing. Prepare for careers in varied media outlets including traditional and online newspapers, magazines, radio and television. Investigate and report on food, agriculture, energy, natural resources, the environment and community development issues. Learn from a journalism faculty that has earned numerous professional and academic awards, including three Pulitzer Prizes, a credential unmatched by any other Big Ten university. Be guided by professors who know how to translate their professional experience to the classroom and the intimate laboratory setting of skills classes.

Did You Know…
The College of Media boasts Pulitzer Prize-winning teachers who anchor a strong public affairs journalism program.


For more information on course planning, feel free to contact the Ag Comm Academic Advisor, Barbara Anderson, via email or look at her advising website.