Agricultural Communications

College of ACES & College of Media

Student Spotlight

Many Illinois Agricultural Communications students have the opportunity to intern for some of the best companies in the nation. Here you will get to see some of our students showcasing the skills they learn at U of I through their internships.

Clayton Glazik, Class of 2015

Writing/Communication Intern

Clayton GlazikClayton's internship is a writing/communications internship with the Family Resiliency Center in the College of ACES.  He will manage the Center website, interview graduate students about their studies and write reports on events the Center hosts. Clayton stated, "It sounds like it will be a fast paced position where I will learn a lot about how to use the skills I learn in class and apply them to real world journalism."

What are you most excited for about this internship?

There are many things that I'm excited about working with the FRC. For one it is my first chance to really apply what I have learned through classes in the real world. Also I like that the FRC is dedicated to helping families, and to be a part of that really makes this internship much more rewarding.

How do you think Illinois helped you secure this internship?

I feel that the University of Illinois had everything to do with me securing my internship. From teaching me the required skills to successfully fulfill my job requirements to working with me personally to build my resume and portfolio. And on top of that I would of never learned about this opportunity if it wasn't for the department being helpful and giving us students the necessary resources to find available internships. This opportunity for me would not be possible if it wasn't for Illinois.

What has been your favorite class at the University of Illinois?

My favorite class I've taken so far I'd have to say is Creative Concepts of Advertising with Peter Sheldon. He is a great professor who really made the lectures enjoyable to attend, also he has great job stories and the creative content we learned about really taught me to think outside the norm to make my work standout.