Agricultural Communications

College of ACES & College of Media



Most of our students graduate with one to two internship experiences.

How do Students Find Out About Internships?

Students are notified through a variety of channels including emails from AGCM faculty, career services of both colleges (ACES and Media), and through their membership on student listservs of both colleges.

A spreadsheet of all the opportunities that have come to us for summer, spring, and fall internships is available for download. Click below to see where you can gain career experience! 

Agriculture Communications Internship Opportunities.xls

Where Our Students Have Interned Recently

American Angus Association
American Paint Horse Association
Charleston | Orwig
Crop Production Services
Dow Agrosciences
Fairfax Media FarmOnline (Australia)
Global Change Biology and Global Change Biology Bioenergy
Illinois Corngrowers Association
Illinois Farm Bureau
International Society of Arboriculture
John Deere
Osborn & Barr
University of Illinois College of ACES Information Technology and Communications Services
University of Illinois Division of Nutritional Sciences

How do I sign up for course credit for an internship?

At least 3 to 4 weeks PRIOR to beginning your internship but ideally during your course registration period, you must make arrangements with Jessica Leach. Credit is available under AGCM 293 if the internship is in the field of agricultural communications only.

How many credit hours can I earn for an internship?

1 credit hour per semester per internship. Internships must be at least 10 hours of work per week.

How do I participate in a fall or spring semester internship that requires me to be on-site far away from campus?

Every students' degree progress is unique, so you should meet with your academic advisor as early as possible to discuss ways to make completing an internship during a fall or spring semester possible. You may be required to take online classes, classes at another campus, summer classes, or an extra semester of coursework depending on your degree progress. You may find that your internship provider is able to accomodate your class schedule if you ask. It may mean you work at your internship Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and only have classes on Tuesday and Thursday or some other mutually doable arrangement. You may even inquire with your internship provider if they would allow you to work remotely.